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Examples of our work

Posted on 3rd February 2022 at 11:00 am | Information | Posted by Phil

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A4 B6 S4 conv. – these cars have excellent front arches for rolling, even these 20×9 et30 (with spacer) are not a problem. A pull of approx 3-4mm is seen on the arch.

A4 B7 – excellent results on the fronts of these, similar to the B6

TT – factory rolled rears, but the fronts can be improved for a nice flush fitment like this.

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E21 – Plenty of metal in these, good for rolling if theres no rot

E28 – fronts and rears can be rolled on these with good results. Both factory rolled J section and std rear arches can be improved.

E30 M3 – 16×9 with a 245 tyre needs a lip roll, room for a small spacer now. White car wears a 17×9 with a 245 and a 5mm spacer on the rear.

rear arch roll front arch flared

E30 – rolling the rears for a set of 16×9 et15 with 215/40s gives 15mm extra room on the inside & pulls the arch by 5mm. Big flare on the white cab for a set of borbets

rear arch rolled rear arch roll

E36 3 series coupe – ever popular for a simple roll, white car has a flare for big Alpina rims on low offsets. Big gains can be made front and rear

rear arch roll rear arch rolled

E38 7 series – 22″ rims on this bavarian bad boy. similar construction to an E39 but tougher

rear arch roll rear arch rolled

E39 5 series – Red car wears 19″ rims from a 6. Fronts are fine but the rears are 9×19 265/30. Tightening up the factory rolled arch lip gives 10mm of space straight away, with a small pull, 3mm in this case. Black is David Hs beautiful 530, as seen in Total BMW recently, again with rears rolled

E46 3 series coupe – Do more of these than anything else ATM, to run something like this only takes a roll

E46 3 series – M3 rims on Non M3s, both the 18×9 et26 and 19×9.5 et27 M3 wheels can be fitted. The rear arch is┬árolled hard and you’ll need to use a 235 tyre (picture with 255 & 265) The fronts go straight on being the same spec as the std rims.

E46 M3 Conv – 20×10 et25 monsters on this beauty with a 285/25 tyre. Even though BMW make these cars 40mm wider than the regular non M3s and partially roll the lip, its not enough in this case – the tyre has stripped the paint off the inside of the lip.

E60 5 series saloon – nice set of Alpina rims rubs the rear, but its easily sorted,.

E63 6 series coupe – huge lip on the rear, rolling gives a slight pull

E88 1 series coupe – Wearing 18×8.5 all round you can get down to low et30s without too much trouble

E91 3 series touring – Wearing 19×10 on the rear with a 275 just catches, its a straight forward fix.

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Fiesta 4/5 – 16×6.5 et35 wearing a 195/45 are no longer a problem after a lip roll. euro style on the red is no problem

Escort 5 RS 4×4 – wearing these cosworth alloys and 225 tyres this car needed a rear roll and a pull on the front to clear.

Sierra cosworth – this car was rubbing all round with 17×8 et35 235 on the rear, 215 on the front. A lip roll sorts it out, fronts work nicely on these cars.

Focus – running identical 18×7.5 rims and 215/35 tyres all round, just clear on the front but the rear need rolling. These cars have small lips but useful gains can be made.

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XJR – the big 20mm lip on these rolls well to give loads of room for these 20×10 rims with 285/30 tyres.

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Accord – big front lip on these, factory roll can be greatly improved for a good gain

Civic EK – seeing a lot more of these recently, great to roll front and rear if they’re not rusty

Civic EP – Good results and better paint than the EK

Integra DC3 – Paint is much better than some Hondas, but rust can be a problem, a good car will roll well

Integra DC5 – Lovelly rust free Jap import cars, great for rolling

Prelude – fitted with 18×8 and 215/35 tyres this car needed a lip roll on the rear, fronts are very tight.

S2000 – good gains to be made on the rear, but the front is difficult

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Hyundai coupe – 10mm can be gained in the front arches of these.

Hyundai coupe – the current model, a big rear lips rolls well

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IS200 – this car runs the later model IS250 18×8.5 rims on the rear with 255/35 rubber. A roll is easily enough to make room for these.

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MX5 Mk1 – the original arch lip on the rear of these cars measures 24mm. This rolls up flat to give you about 20mm extra clearance, easily enough for a 245 tyre with a rim offset of around et35.

MX5 Mk2 – similar to the Mk1, the rears roll and pull nicely

Mazda 6 – MPS6 is quite a weapon, Front and rear arches roll well and pull a bit, plenty of room to be had.

RX7 – rolling the rear arches gives 15mm extra space, room for a 18×9.5 et20 with a 255 tyre. Red car has a nice flare – good for another 10mm

RX8 – Rolling the rear of an RX8 gives a decent pull, and gets you plently of room. Good quality paint

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C Class – this car wears 18x8s with a 225/40 all round, fine on the rear but a little too much on the front. Front arches on these cars roll well if they are not rotten.

R129 SL – They don’t make them like this any more, pity, as its a joy to work on, and gives a great result

R230 SL55 AMG – 12.5″s on the back, needs a small flare for the perfect stance

W124 – taken from an AMG car these 18×10/8.5 alloys needed a flare all round. the factory finished arches can be further rolled to give plenty more room.

W210 – hard to see here, but this car has been flared up to 10mm all round. now you see why, air bags and dish.

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Evo IV – this car wears 18×8.5 et30 with a 225 tyre, the lips are straight forward to roll but it may not be enough for this fitment.

Evo II – 17×7.5 et45 with a 215 tyre maxs out the front arches and needs a roll on the rear.

FTO – before and after shots, the 20mm lip rolls up tight and the profile pulls by a few mm to give 20mm of extra space at the top of the arch. Room enough for 17×9 et23 with a 255 tyre.

Legnum / galant – this monster has 18×8.5 et35 rims with a 235 tyre all round, about the most you can fit with a roll.

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S13 200sx – this one has flared rears housing 17×9 et22 with 245/40 tyres, and std fronts S13 200sx – this drift car matches wider front wings to the flared rears. 17×9 et10 is no problem.

PS13 – Similar to the UK S13, but seems to be easier to flare, this one has a small flare over some nice SSR Profs

S14 200sx – big flares are possible on S14s, this ones showing a gain of approx 30mm on the rear, love the Equips Raj

S15 Silvia – typical Nissan rear arch lip seen on these cars, rolls nicely and pulls slightly for an easy +20mm gain, plenty for these tasty XD9s

R32 GTSt – 18×10.5 et15 with a 245/40 tyre needs a big flare. All sprayed up looking good.

R33 GTSt – a 285 tyre on an et35 on the rear requires a roll, excellent results can be seen on these cars. loads of room in the fronts too

R34 GTT – 18×9.5 with a 265/35 just catch the rear, lip roll gives room for a 10mm spacer.

300zx – this car has huge 18×10 rims fitted with 285/30 tyres. not a problem with a lip roll, you could even fit some spacers.

350GT – this rare import model runs 19×10 and 285s on a low offset on the rear. These cars have big lips and see good results.

350Z – Good gains to be made here, 11″ et0 on the rear should be possible with the right tyre with just a roll

Stagea – I think you can see whats going on here, Standard late model Nissan big lip rolls and pulls nicely

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206 – 17×7 wearing a 205/40 tyre needs a lip roll. Single skin arches with a small lip that rolls well.

306 – 18×7.5 with 215/35 tyres needs a roll. these cars have single skin arches with a small lip that pull a little.

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Rover 25 – the high bumper line restricts the real gains to be made, but once rolled there’s plenty of room for these 215 tyres on an et40.

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Impreza classic – wearing the latter model 17×7.5 et53 rims with 225/45 tyres all round these cars need all four arches rolled. Good results are seen on these cars, the panels pull easily giving Approx. 15mm extra room at the back, and 10mm at the front.

Later model imprezas with or without the arch trims also roll well. You can clearly see the transition on this photo.

Legacy Blitzen – Very similar to a classic Impreza, but much rarer

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MR2 Mk2 – difficult car to work on due to the trim panels, but there’s around 15mm of extra room to be had by rolling the lip This car was wearing 18×8.5 et30 with a 255/35 tyre, no problem once its been rolled.

77 Celica – some of the best looking Jap cars were made in the 70s and this is a beauty, rust free = good job

Celica GT four – this car had all four arches rolled, very big lips on the rear (see home page) but once they were rolled the 17×8 et30 with 235/40 fitted easily. Very good clearance gains can be made

Chaser – with its full metal arch this beast gains an easy 15mm room at the rear easily enough for 17×9 et25 with a 255 tyre.

Glanza – Lip rolls nicely and flares out giving a great shape, plenty of room to be had

Supra 4 roll – another nice car to work on with good results seen, a lip roll is all this car needed to run a set of 19×10.5 with 285/30 tyres. Rolling a supra easily sees 15mm extra room.

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Astra 4 – wearing 18×8 with a 225/40 tyre this car needed a lip roll.

Astra 5 – good gains on the front

Nova – difficult shaped arch, but rolls fine to give easily enough room for 15×6 et49s wearing 195s.

Vectra 1 GSI – with 19×8 et42 and 235/35 tyres and needs a lip roll for this size.


S60 T5 – This racer runs in the britcar series, and needs maximum room for those slick tyres.

850 T5 – made in Sweden from Girders, strong stuff, gives good results especially on front

Pontiac Firebird – Huge Hoosier drag tyres need plenty of room

Ibiza – Rolled all 4 arches on this one, similar to a polo, funny that

66 Mustang – A rare treat, a fresh wing after a track bump needs matching to the other side

Holden RV8 – packing over 500BHP this holden requires 295 rears and a roll to match

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Corrado – Early cars are difficult car to roll due to the fiddly construction. Once done 17×7.5 with a 205/40 is no problem The later models give better results. This one has had all 4 corners rolled, these 8.5″ rims and stretched 205 tyres are a perfect fitment.

Golf 1 caddy – rims are 13×7 et7 with a 195/45 tyre. A flare all round just about covers the tread, could do with a narrower tyre on the front, but it looks great.

Golf 2 – 16×9 et15 with 215/40 tyres, this car was rolled and flared by 8mm all round to fit these.

Golf 3 – lip roll for 17×7.5 et32 & 215/40 tyre golf 3 – subtle flare on this car for the 16×9 et15s with a 205/40 tyre.

Golf 4 – factory rolled rear arch can be flared and the front can improved to take a nice flush fitment.

Golf 5 – very similar to the golf 4, fronts can be worked

Golf Rallye – this rare car needed all 4 arches rolled to wear a set of BBS, Rear 16×9 215/35 tyre and front 16×7 195/40 tyre. As you can see it rolls well.

Passat – Rears are factory rolled, but fronts can be improved

Polo 4/5 – These cars roll and flare nicely if they aren’t rusty. This one wears a set of sweet 15″ BBSs 8.5″ et2 with a flare on the rear and 8″ et8 with a pull on the front.

Lupo – good results can be seen on these cars. black wears a set of Porsche alloys with low offsets. rare Lupo GTI is totally different and rolls equally as well

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