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Frequently Asked Questions

Posted on 3rd February 2022 at 11:00 am | Information | Posted by Phil

Q1 – I’ve bought these rims and tyres and they are rubbing the wheel arch over bumps or when I load the car up, what can I do?

A1 – Sounds like you need a lip roll, its straightforward and should give you the room you need

Q2 – I want to fit the biggest rims, what’s possible?

A2 – You need to measure the room you have now, then go to an offset website to work out what will fit. Rim width and offset are the key. Ask your owners club, but remember tyre spec makes a big difference too. We can advise you on how much extra room we can get on your car – add that to your calculation

Q3 – I’m having the car sprayed soon and I might fit a kit too, when should I get you to roll the arches?

A3 – Its best if we roll before the bodywork is done, especially if you are planning a flare etc.

Q4 – Do you use anything to protect the rolled arch from rust?

A4 – Yes we apply seam sealer on the rolled lip. Also its worth giving your arches a good clean before the rolling

Q5 – Where do you do the work?

A5 – We come to you, The ground must be flat and solid, We need room to work around the car. We can’t do this work on the street. Our current call out territory can be seen on the contact page

Q6 – How long does it take?

A6 – Depends on what you’re having done, anything from around 2.5 hours for an easy pair to 5+ hours for a full car

Q7- Why is rolling an arch better than doing it myself with a hammer or a baseball bat, or grinding it off.

A7 – Mostly because rolling is gentle on your paint. Also we can roll the lip back flatter than you can get it with a hammer, we can pull the arch out further than you could with a bat and it won’t weaken the arch or leave it open to rust like grinding the lip off can do.


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