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Terms & Conditions

Posted on 3rd February 2022 at 11:00 am | Information | Posted by Phil

Please read this page before booking us for any work on your car.

Our advice to get the best out of our service

  • Make sure the rims are made up with the tyres fitted, and are ready to be put on the car – guessing how much clearance you will need is impossible
  • Clean the arch lips out, you don’t want any mud to get trapped in there, jetwash is good
  • Set your ride height and have your suspension alignment done before the rolling, its makes a big difference to where the wheels sit in the arches
  • You need to be present to discuss exactly what you want
  • Although our aim is always to make your car rub free, please remember this is an arch rolling service, not a wheel fitting service. We don’t guarantee the wheels will fit because sometimes its just not possible. Payment will be made following the arch rolling, and not following a successful test drive.

The dangers. Please take this seriously. ALL WORK IS AT YOUR RISK

The vast majority of clients are happy with the work carried out, and its at a fraction of the cost of getting a body shop to cut/grind/beat the arches and then respray half the car. Please be aware any work is at your risk i.e. if the job doesn’t go to plan we won’t pay for any repairs to your car. With all work there is a danger of such damage. You will be asked to sign a disclaimer before work starts.

Why do we ask you to sign a disclaimer? Unlike most car related jobs the work we do is irreversible, we can’t put it back or start again if something doesn’t go as planned. Numerous problems can be hidden under the paint such as rust, filler, accident repair, replacement panels, poor paint work etc these may not even be known to the owner.  Any of these things will effect the outcome of rolling and require further work to return the car to an acceptable standard. The design, manufacture and pressing of some panels can cause them to have weaker or stronger areas, some of which can be seen, some hidden or unpredictable, leading to distortions when rolling. We are aware of many of these dangerous panels, however we are also constantly encountering new models. We are not responsible for these problems and we can not be held responsible for correcting the resulting finish. The cost of body work is high and considering the above we are not prepared to take on this risk.

We can advise on any likely problems on inspecting the car, but in the end its down to you, its your call. We can not account for unseen problems – filler, repaired damage, rust in the seams, poor quality paint job, weak panels etc. If the bodywork on your car is original and you are looking for a lip roll this carries the smallest risk. However all jobs carry a risk of damage. Some rear and all front arches tend to pull out slightly when being rolled, your agent can advise on this for your car.

There is a lot of information on what you might expect on this website, please read it. Be sure to be clear what you want and don’t want, with your agent, before the job starts.

Possible problems

  • Paint. Factory paint is always best. However it varies considerably in quality and its suitability for rolling. Colour has an effect too. Badly applied aftermarket paint can come off, stress cracks can appear in the paint on the rolled edge, sometimes its unavoidable. Your agent can advise you on the risks, but there are very few hard and fast rules. Generally some cars give excellent results and some are poor.
  • Dents or creases above the arch are weak points and could and become larger, even dents that have been previously removed can be a problem.
  • Rusty arches can and will fall apart and will distort badly.
  • Accident damage/filler are a problem, the panel won’t roll to the same shape as a factory fresh one, and filler will crack. Both cases will almost certainly require subsequent bodywork.

If the prospect of any damage (as above) to your car is unthinkable to you, then please don’t roll your arches full stop. No job is risk free although some are very close. Talk to your agent about the risks and if you fully understand what they are, and you are willing to go ahead then please be assured that we are doing our best to minimise those risks for you, and give you the best job possible.

We can’t…

  • Roll plastic or fibreglass, so if you have a car with wings or a body kit made of plastic or fibre glass we can’t help you.
  • Strip off and refit bodykit, that’s down to you.
  • Flare an arch that’s been DIY rolled or beaten back – you need a smooth surface for flaring and no sealer stuck behind the rolled lip, so if you’re thinking about knocking your own arch back and may be getting us in later, please think again.

If you would like a quick quote please complete this form and we will be in touch.

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