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What can we offer?

Posted on 3rd February 2022 at 11:00 am | Information | Posted by Phil

We use pro arch rolling kit and take our time and the utmost care to give you the best possible result.

When it comes to arch rolling experience is king. Experience of having rolled this car before, knowing the tricks to get the best possible job, and what to avoid, experience of rolling thousands of arches. There are always risks involved, however we think we are your best option to minimise those risks.

Customers are often surprised how much kit we carry with us – we come prepared for anything. Our agents have a choice of 3 rollers for each job, different sizes, reaches, roller materials. The standard roller you buy or hire will not be suitable for many of the jobs we tackle. Small cars and cars with coilovers are particularly difficult to set up a roller on. You need flexible options with your kit, we have it.

With careful use of the heat gun and the correct roller its possible to do the job without cracking the paint on most cars. However this depends greatly on the quality of the paint original or otherwise, and what’s underneath it.

Taking a chance, trying it yourself to save a few quid, could cost you your paint or even your straight panels. Putting it right could cost a fortune, why risk it? some jobs are better left to the pros.

Lip roll – rear

Where your standard arches have a lip folded back in to the arch, whether it’s single or double skin, it can be rolled. The lip is heated and rolled tight back up to the inner arch to give you up to an extra 20mm for your rims. For most people this is all they need to avoid the arch lip catching on the tyre shoulder. From the outside there’s not much to see, the bodywork and lines remain essentially unchanged. Most cars rear arches will pull out a small amount on rolling, usually 1-2mm

Lip being rolled transition - rolled at the top

Lip roll – front

Front arches generally have a much smaller lip than the rears. Due to their single skin construction they are far weaker than the rears and need careful treatment. Its common for front wings to pull out slightly while rolling, usually a few mm. This R32 Skyline is a good example. Where arch liners are fitted they may have to be removed, trimmed and refitted. The construction of some front wings makes them unsuitable for rolling – your agent can advise for your car.

pulled arch


Giving you the maximum room, we flare the top of the arch out, the arch profile changes. Keep the flare small and, depending on the car, you may get away with it, and keep the factory smooth look.  If you go big, a skim of filler and paint will almost certainly be required.

Flaring is a risk to your paint and even your straight panels, that’s why next to nobody offers this service. We offer this service but only on certain panels. Bear in mind you should expect to skim and paint a flared arch to get a perfect result, and if you are lucky you won’t have to.

standard arch flared arch


The damage is already done, your tyre has pulled the lip down in to the arch. Don’t worry we can roll most things back.

damaged lip rolled lip

Checking for clearance

On some cars it may be possible to check for clearance on the jack. This one passes by a couple of mm.

rolled lip


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